Monday, November 21, 2011

Impossible is Nothing

"Impossible is Nothing" is Adidas' catch phrase which it frequently uses in its advertisements, and it seems the management of Adidas firmly believes in it.

Adidas, according to news reports, is going to launch 1$ shoes in India, which it will sell in the rural circuit. Surprisingly, Adidas did a similar experiment in Bangladesh last year but failed to execute it successfully. I wonder how they will sell shoes at a dollar a pair and yet make a profit out of it! Respect to Adidas for even giving it a try.

Read the full report here.

By the way, I was going through stuff on Adidas and I came across a few interesting facts. Here I will point down three of the most interesting ones:
1. Adidas is a German company. (Which means Germans are not only the kings in car manufacturing, they are the rulers in sports manufacturing too!)
2. Adidas owns Reebok sportswear company.
3. Adidas and Puma were founded by brothers, and they are the biggest rivals of each other. The brothers split to form their separate companies after a misunderstanding occurred between them during the Second World War.

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