Tuesday, November 1, 2011

And here we G-O!

There is only one reason why I have started to blog- I love to write. I write poems, I write letters to newspapers- most of which don't get published, I write essays which no one cares to read. But I still keep on writing. I write because I love to, and I don't expect anyone else to give my work the same kind of affection. But like any other human being, I too crave for compliments, which in my case are very rare.

This being my first post I would like to lay down a few things about myself, and about how I see this blog shaping up. The first thing that one might notice about me- my lust for knowledge. I love to read a lot, and I like to keep myself aware of all that is happening around me. Internet- being a vast pool of interesting articles- is my favourite hangout, and one can expect a lot of posts on unusual and interesting links that I may come across on the Internet.

From Anna Hazaare to Anna Kournikova, from Ra.One to F1- this blog is going to be my mouthpiece on all that I find worth commenting on. So join me on this joyride, and *please* do leave your comments. Your comments are going to be my most prized possessions.

Enough of blabbering for now. We shall meet soon.